Welcome and thank you for visiting my website.

My goal…..

To connect as many people as I can with their loved ones and friends on the Other Side.

To explain and teach that every one has everything they need to make their own special connections and to show that they do not need a medium’s assistance to do so. All they really need is trust and faith in what they are seeing, hearing and feeling in their everyday lives.

I am traveling the country in hopes of raising the awareness of this work and to show all those who I encounter that this is not something to be viewed as mysterious or scary, but rather quite normal and loving. Take out the fog machines and rattling chains and what remains is a loved one trying to make contact with YOU! Why? Because love and life are eternal.

When we learn to recognize the signs, we are able to remove those filters and change our programming on a whole, ultimately learning and accepting that which is real.

Accept that, although gone from THIS world, our mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, family and friends do exist beyond the walls of our own consciousness. Accept that we are never really alone, no matter how much we may feel we are.

Accept that love and life are eternal...
Jonathan Louis